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A Few Steps Closer to Opening

With the new year comes a clean look for the alleys in Downtown Tucker. The majority of the construction materials have been removed, benches are in place, and the retaining walls are nearing completion. The alleys will serve as a natural connection to the future town green on Railroad Avenue and a destination for the […]

Funding Approved for Trail Design from Main Street to Peters Park

A trail design from Main Street to Peters Park will soon be underway, eventually providing thousands of residents access to Downtown Tucker.

Signs of Progress as Project Nears Completion

Cold weather has not slowed progress on the trail through the alleys in Downtown Tucker. Attention to detail continues to lead the way with the installation of signs, landscaping, and brickwork. Tea Olives and Yaupon hollies are being installed as part of the landscaping adjacent to the trail north of First Avenue. Directional signs and […]

Retaining Walls lined with Brick and Limestone

The City’s alley project in Downtown Tucker continues to set new standards for quality in areas near Main Street that had long been overlooked. More than a quarter mile of alley development is taking place between Lavista Road, Main Street, Railroad Avenue, and Second Street. In addition to streetlights in the alleys, new retaining walls are […]

Streetlight Installation

The City of Tucker continues to add infrastructure in the alleys as part of the trail project in Downtown Tucker. Posts for streetlights are being put in place in the alleys west of Main Street. Thirty-one streetlights will help illuminate the alleys and the trail around the future town green.

Main Street Entrance to Alley Under Construction

Hasbun Construction is helping the City of Tucker set all their bricks in a row as construction continues on the entrance to the alley, and to the trail network, on the west side of Main Street. The brick selected for the project matches the existing brick on Main Street. Converting the alley into a plaza […]

Cemetery Ave Steps Closer to Lively Path Activity

The City of Tucker continues to make progress on the citywide trail network in a variety of locations. The Tucker Path Trail Master Plan and Implementation Strategy converts the one lane Cemetery Avenue, passing through Rehoboth Cemetery and Floral Hills Memorial Gardens, into a shared road accommodating pedestrians and cyclists. The 0.3 mile road was […]

From Mountain West to Marthasville

Land is being cleared along Hugh Howell Road to build a section of the city-wide trail network from Mountain West Trail to Marthasville Court. This section is a continuation of the trail from Smoke Rise Elementary School headed east. It will enable those living on every residential street in the City of Tucker east of […]

Drone images from Hasbun Construction

The week Hasbun Construction shared aerial photographs and video of their work on segment 1a of the trail in Downtown Tucker.

More Progress

Here are a few photos of the recent progress on the trail through the alleys, on B block, in Downtown Tucker. “B” block is west of Main Street between First Avenue and Railroad Avenue. Where did the name B block come from? Each of Tucker’s original eight blocks were assigned a letter, A through H. […]