Friends of Tucker Path

More Progress

Section of the alley on B block looking north towards First Avenue.
Intersection on B block where two alleys meet and the trail will branch out in four directions. This photo is looking north towards First Avenue.
Section of the alley on B block looking east towards Main Street.
Blueprint of Downtown Tucker’s original street and alley grid from 1892, updated with property owner names in 1908. For a point of reference, Third Street is Main Street.

Here are a few photos of the recent progress on the trail through the alleys, on B block, in Downtown Tucker. “B” block is west of Main Street between First Avenue and Railroad Avenue. Where did the name B block come from? Each of Tucker’s original eight blocks were assigned a letter, A through H. When completed, this section of the trail will follow the approximate path of the original alleys from 1892, across A and B block.

The intersection of the two alleys currently under construction, one running east and west, the other north and south, will be a place to meet friends and family away from the street and at the gateway to the future town green. Eventually the entire 32-mile trail system will flow into the alley grid in Downtown Tucker.

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