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Cemetery Ave Steps Closer to Lively Path Activity

Conceptual rendering of Cemetery Avenue from the Tucker Path Trail Master Plan.

The City of Tucker continues to make progress on the citywide trail network in a variety of locations. The Tucker Path Trail Master Plan and Implementation Strategy converts the one lane Cemetery Avenue, passing through Rehoboth Cemetery and Floral Hills Memorial Gardens, into a shared road accommodating pedestrians and cyclists. The 0.3 mile road was recently resurfaced bringing the vision of the trail plan one step closer to completion.

Photo of the recently resurfaced Cemetery Avenue.

When funded, Cemetery Avenue will connect to Crescent Centre Boulevard by bridging a 350 ft. gap at the north end of Cemetery Avenue and the south end of Crescent Centre Boulevard.
When the connection is completed, for the first time Tucker residents living south of the railroad tracks and west of Northlake Pkwy will be able to walk to the Northlake District away from 40 and 45 mph traffic.

Residents south of the tracks will be able to safely walk to dinner at Bambinelli’s and other restaurants and start burning off calories on the walk home.

In return, those living and working north of the tracks will be able to enjoy the calming beauty of the cemeteries. As trail progress continues, and after a pedestrian crossing is approved and constructed at Lawrenceville Hwy, they will also be able to walk to Johns Homestead Park. This will be a significant benefit to those working at Kaiser Permanente, DeKalb County Police and Fire Rescue Headquarters, patrons of LA Fitness, and the soon to be new residents of the Tucker Exchange.

Map showing resurfaced Cemetery Avenue, Johns Homestead Park, and gap between Cemetery Avenue and Crescent Centre Boulevard.

Linking Cemetery Avenue and Crescent Centre Boulevard is not yet funded but when completed it will have a life changing impact on thousands of residents and employees on the west side of Tucker.

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