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Retaining Walls lined with Brick and Limestone

The City’s alley project in Downtown Tucker continues to set new standards for quality in areas near Main Street that had long been overlooked. More than a quarter mile of alley development is taking place between Lavista Road, Main Street, Railroad Avenue, and Second Street. In addition to streetlights in the alleys, new retaining walls are being added and covered with brick and limestone caps.

What was once the back or side of a building can now have similar benefits as the front. This creates an opportunity for more store fronts, outdoor dining, and gathering places away from the street. All of it leading to the future town green.

Streetscape Phase I and II were the largest economic development projects in Downtown Tucker since the establishment of the town grid in 1892. When completed, development of the alleys and town green will have an equally transformative effect in the heart of the city.

In the right environment, people will naturally fill spaces away from the street. Making the alleys clean, safe, and attractive will continue draw more visitors and to help local businesses focus on expanding opportunities.

We look forward to the fulfillment of a collective vision, spread across decades of planning efforts, to make Downtown Tucker one of the most walkable, accessible, and enjoyable places in the state. For more on the development of the alleys see, Envisioning a Town Green: Connecting Alleys and Trails at

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