Friends of Tucker Path

Nonprofit Trail Advocacy for the City of Tucker and Beyond

Tucker PATH Master Trail Plan and Implementation Strategy

The Tucker PATH Master Trail Plan envisions 32 miles of multi-use trail and neighborhood connectivity opportunities that will help the City of Tucker connect residential areas to schools, parks, existing trails, Downtown, and commercial areas. The plan for the Tucker PATH trail system was developed by PATH Foundation and Kaizen Collaborative and was adopted by the City of Tucker in April 2019.

The Plan identifies feasible alternatives for retrofitting the city of Tucker with a bike and pedestrian trail system that provides safe routes between places people want to go. Several segments of the proposed plan are greenway trails that weave through forests alongside streams, providing new neighborhood connections. Others are sidepaths utilizing road right-of-ways but separated from traffic. Still others are underutilized streets redefined to accommodate cars, bikes, and people.

The Tucker PATH Trail System will provide many benefits to the community. Trails increase recreational opportunities, promote economic development, provide transportation alternatives, improve pedestrian safety, and promote healthy living.

Tucker PATH Model Trail Segment

The first segment of the Tucker PATH will break ground soon in the heart of Downtown Tucker, transforming how we think of our historic alley system, and serving as the model for future trails.

Segment “1A” from the Tucker PATH Master Plan has been selected as the Model Trail Segment